Interior Design




Design and Documentation Services; Consists of further design development drawings  and construction documents culminating in the following (as applicable to the project)

Services Include:

Architectural Drawings

Architectural Cover Sheet

Architectural Site Plan & Details

Architectural Floor Plan

Door Types, Door & Hardware Schedules, Interior Door & Windows Details.

Exterior Door & Window Details

Roof Plan and Details

Building Sections

Wall Sections

Building Elevations

Material & Fabrication Drawings/Specifications Book

Architecture 3D Max Images of The Building

Interiors Planners

Services Include:

Analyzing the Client’s needs and goals; Integrating findings with knowledge of interior design, economic trends as well as legal and regulatory requirements.

Formulating design concepts that are functional, fiscally appropriate and aesthetically.

Overseeing the interior design process including project budgeting and schedules.

Preparing working drawings and specifications for interior construction, space planning, materials, finishes, furnishings, fixtures and equipment.

Collaborating with other practitioners who offer professional services in the technical areas of mechanical, electrical and structural design, as required for regulatory approvals (building permits).

Reviewing and evaluating construction during implementation and coordinating the completion of the project with a consultant team.

Interior 3D Max Images of the Building.

Landscape Design

Design and Documentation Services

Services Include:

Prepares the general ground modelling plan and planting layout.

Prepares drawings and specifications of utilities (such as irrigation, drainage, lighting, etc.)

Prepares schedule of shrubs, trees, and other plants.

Prepares details of landscaping elements. Hard landscape (mainly).

Assists the client in conducting bids or negotiations with landscape contractors.

Checks and approves samples of materials.

Conduct final inspection and approval of landscape works.

Assist the client to evaluate the amount due to the contractor.

Landscape 3D Max Images.